Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating an Altar

    I've been searching for a while for something to create an altar out of with no luck. Then I stumbled across the website, Cybermoon Emporium, and their Heirloom Altar Tables.

   Let me just say these are beautiful pieces of work, just not in a design I wanted. So I set out to create my own and today I'll be finishing it up but I figured I'd post some pictures of the work in process.

  To start with, all of the actual table supplies (the wood, wood glue, stain, table legs, etc) came out to probably somewhere around $50 - $60. Originally I had started out with much cheaper wood that ended up warped and bought a stain that was too dark to see anything on. So when choosing your wood go with something that will last and work well with what you're doing, even if you end up paying a little more. (My table is made out of some really nice aspen wood I found at our local Lowe's)

Everything is held together with wood glue, but small nails/screws will also do the trick.
This is the top of the table. It's 36 inches long and made of
aspen wood. I wood burned a tree of life image I found online.
Then I stained it in a light pecan color. (The entire table is
stained in the same color)

This goes underneath the table top and is about 33 inches long.
I wood burned the triquerta's (trinity knots) on the ends.

The back lip was cut to 36 inches then the corners cut at a diagonal
and rounded out with sanding blocks. It was originally a little smaller
than a 2x4. Also using wood burning, I burned "By Land, Sky & Sea"
into it, then stained.

   All that's left now is to attach the legs and it'll be finished. I'll post the finished pictures of it once it's complete.

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journeyingtothegoddess said...

This is beautiful! Nothing more satisfying and special than something you've made and making it your own, incorporating your time and energy into it!

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