Friday, June 3, 2011

Divine Friday

  As an intro to Divine Friday, this week's goddess will be one whom I am interested in working with but haven't had the chance to quite yet.

The Morrigan


   The Washer at the Ford is just one of the ways The Morrigan is known; it is said that when an irish warrior was heading to battle, the worst omen he could receive would be the sight of an old crone at the ford of a river washing the bloody garments of one who had fallen in battle. If the warrior was brave (or foolish) enough to look closer, such a vision would strike fear into the hearts of even the stoutest fighting men. For when the washerwoman appeared to him, it generally was his own garments she was cleaning.
    Morrigan, also known as the "Phantom Queen" or "Great Queen" is a goddess of war, of battle, of fury and a bringer of fear and panic and bloodthirstiness. She is a shape shifter who can appear in many different guises both human and animal such as a crow, an eel, a heifer and a wolf as well as a seductive young temptress, a warror queen and a feeble hag. she is often interchangeable with Macha, Badb, and Nemain.
   Naturally the most sacred time of the year to this goddess would be Samhain. This is upheld by one of the most powerful stories of Irish lore in which the Phantom Queen enjoys a passionate tryst with the Dagda. This tale tells of the Dagda travelling to an important council where the Tuatha De Danaan will discruss strategy against the Fomorians. When he reached the Unshin River, he finds the Phantom Queen bathing herself with one foot planted on either side of the river. As a goddess who sported a lusty and vigorous sexuality, it is here they couple together and afterwards the goddess prophesies the upcoming battle and that the Tuatha De Danaan will be victorious. This event takes place on the festival of Samhain, the holiday when the goddess of battle and death mates with a god of life and abundance, thus renewing the cosmos for another year.
   As a powerful and fearsome goddess, The Morrigan may be an intimidating figure to work with. She refuses to be taken prisoner by the comingn of Christianity and the monotheistic society, buit perhaps now her time has come. So how to honor her today? Consdier the fact that there is a little  Morrigan in all of us and it is something we must learn to deal with and work with and pay respect to in order to move through life with the graceful confidence of fearing no person or thing.
   Sex magic can be extremely powerful when dedicated to her but is not something that should be tried by beginners. Finding the courage in your heart to face down fears or insecurities, mastering a martial art, serving in and/or supporting the armed forces, and maintaining peak physical fitness are all ways to honor The Morrigan. She is a powerful goddess who not only respects power itself but demands that devotees harness their own power within.

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