Monday, June 13, 2011

Inviting Brigid

  Yesterday I set up a small area in my kitchen for a kitchen altar, minus a mini cauldron because I still have to lisit our *local* metaphysical store for it. I've decided to work with Brigid in the kitchen since I've felt drawn to her since I began studying and researching about her.

This is it, set up beside my refrigerator. I had a left over 8x10 frame that I used to put everything in. I printed off a picture done by Jennifer Galasso at and included a Blessing of Gratitude from the book "Goddess Alive".

Blessing of Gratitude

I thank you, Brigid, for your presence in my home
For giving me warmth of the heart and hearth
As the sisters of old, I have honored you
In the traditional way
May my love for you be felt through time and space
Across the universe, upon the earth, and under the sea
Although the light of this candle goes out
I carry your flame in my breast

Most blessed Brigid
Living light
Bright arrow
Sudden blaze
Goddess of the sun and
Of the eternal fire
I guard your flame

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Anonymous said...

Just saw this:Countdown to Halloween! My B-Date...Anyway found this site looking for blk onyx stones/w/white markings/symbols i.e. I know they are ancient & perhaps night Templar and/or brought from Egypt w/the encounter of welsh ppl. [My ancestor] brought here to America. Anyone know what I'm describing? Thx if...Nanci~

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