Monday, January 9, 2012

Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge - Week 1 Check In

     So, we're a little over week into the new year and the Get Off Your Broom Fitness challenge. How is it going for you, dear readers?

     My check in actually isn't too bad. I followed my exercise plan pretty closely, working out 4 of the 5 weekdays last week, but I kind of slacked off over the weekend. I did however drink more water, downing at least 4 to 5 glasses a day.

     This weeks challenges are taking a look at the "big picture" and figuring out what other health issues you may have, both physically and mentally.

   Physically I don't think I have too many other things going against me except a bum shoulder. I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve going on over two months ago and it still hasn't fixed itself, even after countless nights of using the heating pad on it. Makes jumping jacks and push ups a tad bit difficult to do!

     Mentally, I'm a HUGE ball of stress. I've always had that going against me. I let the little things get to me and hold onto everything until it messes with me physically. So for me, this will be the biggest hurdle to get over. But I know that in working on what stresses me, it will not only help make losing the weight easier but improve my overall well being from day to day as well.

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