Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Off Your Broom!

     Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today is my official start of the Insanity workouts my husband and I ordered at the end of last year and I can tell it's going to be tough!

If you haven't heard about Insanity, here's the short and quick:

     It was created by Shaun T. a former track star and now celebrity trainer and is a 60-day total body transformation based on interval training. What is interval training? It is working out at your highest levels of intensity for a brief period of time then relaxing for longer periods. However, in Insanity this is flipped upside down and down the opposite, the most common unit being four minutes of maximum intensity with a 30-second water break, then repeated. Crazy? You know it!

     As per the mini challenges posted on the Witchy Fitness Blog, I have taken my measurements and weight and will post them below. I haven't been able to take a before picture because our digital camera is out of batteries but as soon as I get some more I'll post that as well. My numbers are so ugly but I'm going to be brave and post them anyway. (And blame some of it on left over baby weight...)  lol

Beginning Measurements

Weight: 177.5
Bust: 39.5
Waist: 35
Hips: 43

         As for the third and final mini-challenge, I have a pretty simple plan. Since the Insanity DVD's come with a handy calendar that maps out your workouts for you I plan on following that for the first 60 days of the challenge. Then, as more of a maintenance on what I HOPE will be an improved body, I will start following the Zumba DVD's we have as well and continue working out with those unless I think I need to dive back into Insanity.

     And that's that.

     I'm excited. Maybe it's the rush I'm feeling because I just got done working out, or the promise a new year brings, but I feel like it's finally time for me to get my body back along with the confidence I had.

     How are your plans for the fitness challenge going?

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