Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pagan Blog Project

     I discovered this project while blog hopping today and decided to join in. What is this project you ask? Here's the explanation from the host's website, One Witch's Way:

"This project is a way to spend a full year dedicating time each week very specifically to studying, reflecting, and sharing your spiritual and magickal path. The project consists of a single blog post each week posted on your blog each Friday for the year of 2012 that will involve a topic that relates to Paganism, Witchcraft, magick, spirituality, and so on. You can use your posts to share your views on a topic, to talk about your own personal experiences, or to act as a catalyst to research a subject that you may not know much about and then share what you learn and how you feel about that. Each week there is a specific prompt for you to work with in writing your post, a prompt that will focus on a letter of the alphabet each week providing you a framework for your writing as well as a common thread for all participants to share in."

     For full details and information on how to sign up, follow the link below:

     Since I missed the first week, I will just go ahead and start with my first post on this upcoming Friday, January 13th. (Oooh, just realized that makes it Friday the 13th... lol). I am also trying to continue with Divine Friday's as well, so be on the lookout for both posts over the coming weeks!

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