Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ebay Ban and Tutorial

  Happy Thursday dear readers! It's almost Friday which means the weekend and for me personally, two days of help from the husband so I can get some crafting done while my daughter is entertained!

   Speaking of crafting, my Etsy shop and blog will be featured on a fellow Etsian's blog, EmKat Creations sometime in the near future. She put the offer out there on the Witches of Etsy team for anyone interested in a blog feature to let her know. I will also be offering a giveaway for my Samhain set of pillow runes pictured below. Once I know the actual date of the feature, I'll be sure to share!

       Elder Futhark Pillow Runes
                             Samhain Set

   I also have a tutorial to share with you as well. While browsing through Pinterest (slowly becoming an obsession of mine...) I found a picture of a Celtic Knot Necklace and a link to how to make it!  It looks much harder than it really is, and the owner of the blog does include a video of exactly how to create the knot as well so you can see step by step with an actual person how to make it. I imagine this necklace could be recreated with a number of different Celtic Knot designs, one for every occasion. Check it out below at the blog momma go round:

    Now for some news about Ebay. According to the Fall 2012 Seller Update from the company, items like spells, curses, prayers or healing sessions will be prohibited from being sold starting August 30, 2012. Apparently this has already sparked some online debate as to whether this is intentional discrimination against pagans. (i.e. What if it was a Christian/some other religion offering prayer/healing services - will the ban apply to them as well?)

   There is also rumor that Etsy will be implementing something like this in the future as well, though nothing concrete has been announced. However recently, Etsy did change it's policies in regards to Medical Claims (read the announcement HERE), which is causing frustration among pagan sellers who list items such as herbal teas and tinctures, etc. The wording of their listings can not make claims that a product "helps with acne" or "cures headaches" and the like, leaving many shop owners having to figure out exactly how they can/will word listings so as not to conflict with policies - one owner, a member of the same team I am, Witches of Etsy, has over 600 listings she must now review and correct if needed.

   Now, what say you? Internet discrimination or just companies having to bow under pressure from other sources? If you sell on either one of these, how do these changes affect you?


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