Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Lughnasadh - A time of Harvest

   I have had so much to post this past month, but my computer was infected with some serious malware and it took me FOREVER to clear it out. Normally it wouldn't be so bad; just a couple of annoying flashing ads but this time it was the worst I've ever had. 3-4 different ads on each website I went to, it was affecting me being able to open any e-mails and even coming to post a blog post there was a huge ad right behind all my links for font, to post a picture, etc. making it nearly impossible to post comfortably.

   However, I am happy to report that between my husband and I, they are completely gone and I can re-join the blogging community once again!

  So, first off:

   It's the festival named after the god Lugh and the time of the harvest. Summer is hopefully coming to a close as we look towards shorter days, cooler weather and my favorite season of the year - Autumn. Though it doesn't feel like it yet here in North Carolina, August always brings with it good feelings of the coming of cooler weather, the start of school, cuddling up under blankets and the holidays not far behind.  :)
   With it being time to harvest, I am also crossing my fingers that we will be able to get some veggies out of the plants we've been growing all summer. I found a great idea on pinterest about growing a pallet garden and thought we'd give it a try.

   We started out with flowers along the bottom and veggies on top. The flowers lasted pretty long but in the other pallet I was growing herbs and this ridiculous NC heat killed what little grew or prevented anything from growing to begin with.
   However, we did have our green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers sprout and we're just waiting for them to flower.
  The beginning of our green beans....


Basil seems to be the only herb that can grow here. These sprouts are MUCH bigger as of today.

Our tomatoes. This thing is HUGE now. We have about 4-5 stalks and just noticed today that it started to flower. I'm thinking we might have to get another pot soon.
   I did mange to save some flowers however. We have 5 sunflower plants growing and my Lantana is a hardy plant and has managed to be completely dead twice and still come back!

   So hopefully, our harvest will produce some veggies to munch on. I plan on this month to try and start growing some herbs again once the weather cools off a bit.
  What do you plan on harvesting this season? Are you celebrating Lughnasadh now or waiting until the weather and season changes a bit more?


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