Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The coming of the Harvest

   Though we are only halfway through July, the coming of Lughnasadh and the Autumn season has been heavy on my mind. I am getting eager and excited for the leaves to change and cool weather to come. For me, once the Fourth of July has come and gone, it starts to feel like the summer is on it's way out. (Though for us, we still have another good 2 months or so of the heat left....)

     The past 2 years have been pretty chaotic. Multiple lay offs for my husband, moving, searching for a house, losing out on 2 houses because of before said lay offs and then finally seeing all of our fighting, determination and patience pay off when we finally purchased our first home in October of last year.

   Though the first half of this year has seen many more problems still, my hope is for this harvest to bring change, fianlly, for the better. During the past 2 years I have also fallen out of step with my spirituality, though I have kept up with the turning of the Wheel and the festivals as they come and go, I have not celebrated like I wanted to. Stress can do a lot to a person!

   My goal with this Lughnasadh is to harvest hope, change, inspiration and determination. I am setting up an altar atop one of the book cases in our dining room, somewhere in the open where I can walk by and see it every day. I have  begun speaking and praying, not to any God or Goddess in particular but just aloud to any who are listening. I have asked for their blessings and their help in showing me my way, where they need to me to be and to help place me there at the right moment.

     Over the next few weeks remaining before Lughnasadh I will be sharing my preparations for the festival and the upcoming season change. Blessings, poems, rituals, household goals, etc. I would love for everyone to join me as I re-visit and rejuvinate both my spiritual side and this blog.

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