Friday, March 1, 2013

Update... getting a bit personal

   To those, if any of you, who are still with me, thank you for sticking around.

   The past two months have been crazy. The new year came and went, I neared the end of my pregnancy and gave birth to our second daughter on January 14 after being induced for high blood pressure and Pre-Eclampsia. As of today she is almost 7 weeks old and we are getting a little more adjusted to being a family of four.  :)

   This weekend we are also moving out of our expensive townhouse to somewhere a little more cost effective and outside the ridiculous city limits. I was hoping to have already started posting again, but it's just too much right now between our girls, moving and also dealing with two of us being sick. (Newest addition included)

   So, for right now this is just a quick check I to let you know I am still alive and do plan on coming back to blogging, just not as soon as I had hoped. I do wish you all to stick around and enjoy the rest of 2013 with me!