Friday, June 7, 2013

Back to Basics and a project idea


   I've been waiting for things to settle down around our household so I could get into a routine and start blogging again, get on a schedule...

Yea, that's not happening.

So let's just jump right back in, shall we?

  I have to admit, I've been a little less than spiritual the past couple of months. Since having our second daughter I've been spending a lot of time enjoying her since I was able to with the postpartum depression with my first, along with wrangling my oldest daughter during some jealous moments. Our days are long and between them, my husband's ever changing work schedule, my Etsy shop and myriad of other things, the least I have done is check off a quick prayer or thanks for something that has finally gone right.

   Now since I like structure, I figured I'll start back at the basics and start doing something small and simple every day to get me in the habit again. And what better way then prayer and offerings?

   People have been making offerings for centuries for a variety of reasons: to ensure good crops for the harvest, give thanks, or just to simply connect with their gods.

  Now offerings can also be a variety of things as well. Found objects outside from nature you believe your god or goddess would be fond of, food from your finished meal or while your cooking as well. A poem or picture you've done yourself if you're an artist.

   For my daily offerings I believe I'll start with a bit of what I make each night for dinner. Long ago I made a small framed picture of Brigid for my kitchen and I had a small offering plate that sat in front of it. I think it's time to dig it out or find a new one. (It might have been lost in the move). In the mornings I'm not quite sure if I'll do an offering as well or just start the day with a rising prayer. In a previous post I included a rising prayer I found, but I'm going to work on one myself and use that one instead.

   Now for the project idea!

I'm a little addicted to Pinterest. There is just an incredible amount of DIY projects, crafts and sewing tutorials that I really need to just take a break and finish the ones I've found first, before starting anything new!

   Something that I've come across the other days was a Home Management Binder. Basically this binder holds all your information (financial, health, daily, etc.) in one easy to find binder. As I was wading through all the examples, I noticed a lot of the bloggers showing off their work did have a little bit of their spirituality showing in their books. Scriptures written on certain pages, religious themed covers, prayer sections to focus on their faith and goals. It got me thinking.
   What about a pagan home management binder? Specifically, Celtic/Irish?
   So, dear readers who are left :)  that is what I plan to work on. It'll be the last thing I add to my list of a million things to do (mainly for Etsy and the upcoming Pagan Pride Days festival in September). I will keep you updated on how it's going. So far I'm just brainstorming ideas for the different sections, such as:
   - Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning
   - Grocery list
   - Finances
   - Blog ideas and posts
   - Herb supply list
   - Ritual/circle schedule
   - Calendar
   - Mean planning
   Now, most of these can be found in any HMB, but I want to add a pagan twist to it. Like I said, still working out the details but I'm hoping it all comes together!

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