Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making Offering to the Gods

   Just sharing an article from the Tairis website, (I'm loving this site by the way; it holds a lot of information I've been looking for, but couldn't find anywhere else) explainging how to get started with making offerings to the gods as well as going over how they were made in the past such as offerings to the Sidhe, festival offerings and even going over human and animal sacrifice.

"Offerings can help us form relationships with the gods, the spirits and the ancestors that are honoured in Celtic Reconstructionist paths, and so are a good place for anyone wanting to start practising, rather than studying, the religion.

On the face of it, these offerings can be simple acts of leaving food and drink on an altar or shrine in the house, or on a stone, tree or well outside, for example, with a prayer or few words of thanks. However, on looking at it in more depth, a simple act can become something with a much more complex meaning.

First, then, let's look at why offerings are made, followed by how they were made in history, and how they can be made today."

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