Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Power of Prayer

   I've been looking around for some basic prayers or chants to start out with during my daily devotions and discovered these on the Tairis website. (Told you, it's a great site!) There's a list of about five or six of them but the author suggests just doing the prayer for rest and rising to start out with.

   Here are my variations that I will begin to use daily:

   Rising Prayer

   Bless to me
   each thing I see
Bless to me
each sound I hear
Bless to me
each scent I smell
Bless to me
each taste I take
Bless to me
each note to my song
each ray that guides my way
each thing I pursue
each lure that tempts my will
the zeal that seeks my soul
the three that seek my heart.

Resting Prayer

Bless this, my dwelling
and each who rests herein this night
Bless my dear ones
in every place they may sleep
In the night that is tonight
and every single night
In the day that is today
and every single day.

   There not too much different; I just changed a few words around to suit my liking. What are a few of yours?

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