Monday, September 19, 2011

The Coming of Autumn

   There is something about the autumn air that brings me a sense of peace, tranquility and motivation.

   I'm not sure if it's the cool air, the traditional start of a new school year or the promise of dreams to come in the upcoming year but as soon as the first crisp, cool breeze of fall begins to sweep in, I can feel my energy pick back up after being drained in the harsh summer heat and my creativity bubble.

   This year my hopes lie in the promise of a new start in a different home, but with familar faces. A promise of a home, a place to settle down, a stable job and life, and my daughter being raised with parents not constantly worrying about how much money we'll have to put food on the table or keep rent paid for the month.

   I want my creativity to flow over into my creations for both my Etsy shop and any festivals I can find locally. I want confidence in my work and pride in what I do create, whether I am able to sell anything or not.

   I want more understanding of the gods and their purpose for me. I need direction and clarity.

   May they bless both you and I this season. :)

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