Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luibh & Seoid

   (Luibh & Seoid means Herb and Stone in Irish.)

    This post is a little late seeing as how the full moon as on the 12th, however my computer was battling some viruses at the time making getting on the internet very difficult. But as promised, here are the first herb and stone pages going into my new grimoire. Look for the next two on the full moon in October. Also tomorrow's Divine Friday will be missing as I am preparing for our local Pagan Pride Day this weekend. Happy Thursday!


 Varying in colors from almost colorless, pale-violet or bluish violet up to purple or dark violet due to its iron content, amethyst is a stone of peace. It was used as a gemstone by ancient Egyptians while medieval European soldiers wore it as amulets for protection in battle. Hindus believed it could induce dreams and vision and Greeks thought it could prevent drunkenness. In fact, the name descends from Greek “amethystos” which means “free from drunkenness”.

          It is said that amethyst aids in the development of psychic awareness and keeping one with your divinatory tools will not only increase their powers but enable you to interpret messages with greater understanding and wisdom. It can be used as a crystal point, ball or pyramid in the room to make use of its healing properties or kept in a pouch or pocket.

          It is a stone that inspires healing of all organs and brings about mental peace and a state of relaxation. Held in the receptive hand (left if right-handed, or right if left-handed) or worn next to the skin, it’s vibrations aid in soothing, distressing and calming in stressful situations.

          Place beneath your pillow to ward off nightmares and insomnia.

          If the stone unexpectedly changes color, it may forecast frost, rain, a storm or a hurricane. It does not only predict natural disasters, but also guards it’s owners from them.


    Associated most often with love spells, the dried stalks of
lavender can also be used in spells aimed at attracting money, protection, success and to bring peace and calmness. Place in a satchet and carry on your person for good health.
  For peaceful sleep, use a few drops of essential oil on the sheets
or pillows. Apply undiluted to an area affected by a burn or scald and it will take away the pain quickly, allowing the skin to heal with almost no sign of damage. Can also be applied to a pimple as soon as you feel it forming, making it come to a head faster and helps with the swelling.

          It can be used internally for indigestion, anxiety, exhaustion, tension headaches and
migraines. Externally, lavender treats most types of burns, is used as an antiseptic and for anti-dandruff. It can also tone and revitalize the skin.



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