Monday, August 13, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - P is for Pagan Parening

  Oh my gods, I know! Not only am I posting, but it's a PBP post! Double whammy!

   For today, I am posting about something I know nothing about - pagan parenting. I'm actually still kind of a "newbie" to the parenting world if you will; my daughter is only 22 months so I am still learning right along with her.

Most recent picture of my daughter. She looks exactly like her father.  :)
She does smile, this was taken at daycare.

     So, how is it that I am going to post about it while admittedly knowing nothing about it?

   Well this is how I intend to pagan parent.  :)  Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I like to organize and have a plan. I'm a control freak.  lol

   Creating a family altar. Whether it's just a place for morning offerings or prayers for the day to come. It'll be very simple at the moment since she is at the stage where she loves to take EVERYTHING and run with it.  :)

   Respect life and the diversity of life. Pretty self explanatory. We're big pet people, so she and her sibling (don't know what baby #2 is quite yet), will learn how to take care of animals as they grow. They will also learn that not everybody looks the same, acts the same, or loves the same and it's not something that should divide us.

  Celebrating the Sabbats. Whether it be a full out ritual, an offering, or something as simple as helping out with spring or fall cleaning, I want them to be aware of the changing of the seasons and how life continues.

   Knowing the gods are there for her. It could be a simple prayer in the morning to say hello or a helpful ear when she needs to work out some problems. I want her to understand they are always there, but not people or things to be used when she wants something.

   It's a very simple plan, just the basics to stat out with until they both grow and figure out what they want to follow for themselves.

  How about you? I'd love to hear input from other parents who are raising their kids pagan - from holidays, to traditions to everyday life.


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