Friday, July 22, 2011

Divine Friday


   Also called the Great Queen, Rhiannon was unjustly accused of killing her son by her servants who had fallen asleep while watching him. As punishment, she was forced to carry people on her back like a horse for seven years until she was cleared by her son's return. She has since had a strong connection with horses and other equines as well as the Gaulish horse goddess, Epona, who was adopted by Roman officers as their patroness and worshiped all over the Roman empire as a goddess of abundance and fertility. In fact, with so man prallels, many believe Rhiannon may be a later British version of Epona.

   She is clearly a goddess of the earth and the otherworld. April 30th - May 1, one of the major Celtic holidays, May Day, is regarded in many ways as her holiday. Connecting with her can happen in many ways also. The most obvious way is through horses; in person or through books and movies such as the Black Stallion. Serving food in her honor like oat cakes or oatmeal cookies and even feeding birds that are sacred to her. Roses help to bring her energy into one's life in the form of flowers, candles or perfume. She is a woman who has endured suffering and can lend her strength when something difficult must be done or when dealing with loss.

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