Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Is a Kitchen Witch?

   I've fallen in love with kitchen witchcraft.

   It's just so...comforting? Cozy? I can't quite put into words what I mean. I love how something as simple as cooking dinner or tidying up our home can be turned into a ritual to the gods. I struggled for a bit, after my daughter was born, to settle into the role of a housewife/homemaker but now I see the magic in the everyday chores; that by keeping a nice home and putting love and joy into everything I do that I'm not only honoring the Gods, but myself and my family as well.

   So far I've incorporated the following into my daily routine:
  • Keeping a kitchen altar - mine is devoted to the goddess Brigid and has a picture of her with a blessing, a small candle in front of it and a soon-to-come mini cauldron
  • Lighting a candle every morning while doing the dishes and getting myself and our daughter, Rayne, ready for the day
  • Saying a small prayer while making dinner each evening, it changes from day to day
  Of course there's more to come, but it's a start!

   I also wanted to share this great piece I found while researching on Kitchen Witchery. It's written by MrsMerFaery over at RocketMoms.

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