Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moon Magic

I've never worked with the moon before or followed any of the lunar phases that it goes through but after reading through some blogs I've been following and doing a bit of research (I'm still in the process) I've realized there's alot of energy I'm missing out on!

   Like I said, I'm still doing some research but below is what I've gathered so far on the phases and the appropriate magic to work during them.

New Moon
          Begins on the day of the new moon to 3 ½ days after. A time for new ventures, projects and new beginnings. Also for love spells, healing, job hunting and beauty. A time for blessings (i.e.  baby, marriage, new car, etc.) Take this time to orecharge and rejuvinate.

          Begins 3 days after the new moon and lasts until the full moon. When waxing, the moon is growing in strength and gathering energy and power. During this time we are put in touch with the creative side of the universe and all of our ideas, wishes and desires are helped to fruition.  A time for courage, friendship, good health, love, success and wealth, for increase or bringing things to yourself as in a better job, new love or increased financial security. With the help of the waxing moon we can change our circumstances in order to live the life we imagine.

Full Moon
          Begins 14 days after the new moon and lasts for 3 ½ days. A time for divination, prophecy, protection, love, legal matters, finanical attraction. This is when the moon is at its most powerful and is a perfect time for work that requires great force. The energy of the full moon can be felt during the 3 power days – the day of the full moon and the days immediately before and after. During these days you may notice the moon affecting people around you. This “crazy” behavior occurs because humans are 90% water and as the moon shows more of herself, she draws the water towrds her, changing the way it reacts. Use this energy to create powerful protection amulets or bless/cleanse sacred objects.

          Begins 3 ½ days after the full moon and lasts for 10 ½ days. The power of the waning moon is strongest 3 days after the full moon to 3 days before the new moon. A time for banishing illness, addiction or stress – getting rid of the things in your life physically, mentally and emotionally. Also good for protection. Utilize this time to clean up your life and ready for the time of the new moon.

Dark Moon
          Occurs 3 days prior to the day of the new moon. This is a time of rest and contemplation; a perfect time to evaluate your inner world/self and meditate. Use this as a change to look at changes you would like to make both within yourself and throughout the world.

   Have a great Fourth of July!

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