Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celtic Pagan Kitchen Witch

  I like labels.

   It makes me feel organized, structured; like I have a plan. Which is why I've been trying to figure out exactly what to call myself now that I've begun researching about Kitchen Witchcraft.

   From said research, so far, I've discovered kitchen withcraft is about finding the joy in the everyday, mundane chores and activities around the house. When simple meals become delicate and personal rituals. There is no need to creat a circle or sacred space every time you wish to connect with the Divine, but I like that part about magic too - the structure and creating of a circle.

   So now I'm wondering if I can combine the two. I suppose it's not unheard of and has been done before. The four Sabbats can be the time for big rituals and circles, a big to-do. All the while I can learn to find the magical in my everyday life. I like this plan and path and I think it will work, so look for information on both in upcoming blog posts and discover along with me!

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Journey into Love said...

Hi Dana,
I feel like I am a Celtic Kitchen Witch too. Though I use the term Celtic Hearth Witch. I agree, I love the rituals but feel like I'm closest to the Divine (and I call it that too!) when I am connected to the home and to family. I feel a strong connection to herbs, oils, homemade soaps, etc which I have charged by the full moon. I'm not yet comfortable with using charms and chants, but am starting to explore that area. Anyway just wanted to say you aren't alone.

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