Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY Smudge Stick

   Let me start by saying, I love Patti Wigington over at about.com. I have found many interesting articles and how-to's about so much since I started reading a couple of months ago and the smudge stick instructions are no different. If you haven't already, sign up for her newsletter as well!

   So today, I realized I never did any spring cleaning around here! We semi-recently moved to our new place (which is turning out not as great as I thought, but that's a different blog entirely) and were getting settled in around the time that I normally do it. Now with summer right around the corner, I figure better late then never.

   Below you'll find the link to Patti's DIY smudge sticks which I intend to make once my little herb "garden" comes to bloom. (We're renting so my garden consists of a bunch of pots full of herbs and annuals lined up on the patio - you gotta start somewhere right?!) More than likely I'll use sage in mine and print out a copy of this how-to for my BoS. Enjoy!

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