Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prayer to Lugh

  I'm right in the middle of making my bags and cloth wares for my etsy shop and the upcoming Pagan Pride Days in September and I also just added some poppets to the list of things to make. So stuff around our house is pretty hectic! I found that I added this to my BoS a while back and it's perfect to recite or just read over when looking for a little extra help in your work wether it be sewing, painting, pottery or any other art.

Prayer to Lugh

Great Lugh
master of artisans
leader of the craftsman
I call upon you and honor you this day
You of the many skills and talents
I ask you to shine upon me and
bless me with your gifts
Give me strength in skill
make my hands and mind deft
Shine light upon my talents
O Mighty Lugh
I thank you for your blessings

   I have a feeling I'm going to be repeating this alot over the next couple of months. Happy Thursday!

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